CALLING ALL CEOs and HR/People Directors!

How motivated are your people?

How ready are they for the changes happening in your organisation right now?

Introducing “Leaderlike Motivation Mastery”
Leaderlike Motivation Mastery is a one-day event that comes to your workplace to help a team of your choice power up their motivation in times of change and learn strategies to sustain it, whatever the organisational challenges ahead. With lessons from business, sport and life, and practical tools to deliver daily results, this course is a must for all teams aspiring to peak performance.

Why send your teams on Leaderlike Motivation Mastery?

In the past, we just expected our people to be motivated – we contracted them, we paid them, and our people strategy kept them engaged. But then the world changed. Our people changed. Your organisation is facing unprecedented levels of change, and this is having an impact on your people. At the same time, employees want far more than just a job – they want a legacy and to make a difference. Is it any wonder engagement levels are falling?
Our employees are only human, and it’s natural to suffer motivational peaks and troughs, but what if you could give them strategies for sustainable motivation, and the resilience that goes with it, ensuring that your teams maintain high-performance, just when you need it? What if they knew how to restock their own motivational reserves when they got low, so you could focus on your own?

What will your teams learn on Leaderlike Motivation Mastery?

On Leaderlike Motivation Mastery, your teams will learn the following:
 – What is motivation and what are the key drivers?
 – Why is motivation important, and how does it relate to goal achievement, confidence and team performance
 – The motivation mindset
-  Personal motivational preferences and how to leverage them
 – How to recognise motivational preferences in team members
 – Fast strategies for daily motivational lapses
 – Techniques for sustaining motivation in the long-term

How will Leaderlike Motivation Mastery run?

Leaderlike Motivation Mastery is a one-day interactive and delegate-led workshop, where concepts and ideas are presented, debated and then tried out for size in fun and insightful exercises in teams. All techniques taught are practical, customised to your business context, and can be integrated into existing processes and activities. The outcomes of the session will be new insights into and self-sufficiency in the motivational techniques that make teams high-performing, and enhanced team morale and alignment . The session will include a final action planning element, and this will be followed up on 4-6 weeks after the session, through a one-hour webinar.

What if your teams attend Leaderlike Motivation Mastery?

When your teams attend Leaderlike Motivation Mastery, you’ll find that:
 – They’ll have motivational strategies to tap into at high pressure moments for the team
 – Team members will start to motivate each other when the going gets tough
-  Your teams will likely bring you solutions, not problems
-  They’ll be more confident, more engaged, and all rowing in the same direction
 – And the ultimate proof – self-maintained motivation to drive the behaviours you are looking for

How do I book a team onto this?
If this sounds like a worthwhile investment in your people, and their performance, please email to request more info and book your slot.
Price options either per delegate, with a 10-delegate minimum, or fixed price for the day, with a 25-delegate maximum.