"I attended one of Karen's coaching courses, and it was quite literally life changing.  I achieved a lifelong dream shortly afterwards, and this course was the catalyst."

QHSES Trainer, Global Energy Company

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“Leaderlike” – indicating or characteristic
of a leader

"Karen is an exceptional facilitator. We worked with her to deliver our NLP Master Practitioner programme.  She confidently stepped in mid way and engaged the hearts and minds of our people"

Director, Talent Development, Global Professional Services Company

Influential Speaking.

In today’s fast-changing world, your leaders need to be leading the change to stay ahead of the curve.  They might be breaking new ground with their technical skills, but how good are their people skills?

In innovative companies, we sometimes assume that our technical skills are enough, but if we want people to act on our technical expertise, and ours rather than someone else’s, we need to be able to communicate our expertise.

Communication skills, like technical skills, need to be learned and practised, and good presentation skills are no longer enough.  Audiences expect not just to be informed – they expect to be inspired and entertained.

And in a world where fast-paced change is now part of the status quo, we need not just to be able to communicate – we need to be able to influence and persuade.

Leaderlike offers one and two-day training packages in Influential Speaking that can be supplemented with one-hour coaching blocks for an accelerated learning curve, personalised teaching and faster integration of the new skills

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