"I attended one of Karen's coaching courses, and it was quite literally life changing.  I achieved a lifelong dream shortly afterwards, and this course was the catalyst."

QHSES Trainer, Global Energy Company

Help your people be the change you want to see.

"Karen is an exceptional facilitator. We worked with her to deliver our NLP Master Practitioner programme.  She confidently stepped in mid way and engaged the hearts and minds of our people"

Director, Talent Development, Global Professional Services Company

About Leaderlike.

Are you looking to launch a new culture and engagement program around a specific strategic issue – such as Health, Safety, Wellbeing, Sustainability, Quality or Ethics?

Or maybe you already have a culture and engagement program, but it needs revitalising, or isn’t gaining the momentum you’d expected?

If either of the above challenges is on your mind, then Leaderlike can help.

Leaderlike specialises in Employee Confidence – Employee Engagement for Culture Change, and provides consultancy for an end-to-end solution or training for the critical people in your program – influential speakers and change leaders.

Leaderlike turns the latest behavioural change tools and techniques into practical applications that add real value to a technical workforce and their daily operations, and making a big difference to culture and performance.

Leaderlike understands the challenges of trying to change culture in a large, geographically dispersed organisation.

Often there are many cultural and language differences; employees face multiple, competing priorities; and the senior management have many demands on their time.

We recognise that culture change sits in the middle of three corporate functions – Communications, HR, and the strategic function providing the context for the change e.g. Health and Safety. To address it requires an understanding of all three, specialist expertise and excellent stakeholder management skills.

Leaderlike will provide your people with the skills they need to build and change a culture, empowering staff to lead the change from top to bottom, and from bottom to top, until it becomes sustainable and self-fulfilling.

We’ll do this in English, or French, Portuguese or Spanish on request.

Let us engage and empower your people to be the change you want to see!