"I attended one of Karen's coaching courses, and it was quite literally life changing.  I achieved a lifelong dream shortly afterwards, and this course was the catalyst."

QHSES Trainer, Global Energy Company

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“Leaderlike” – indicating or characteristic
of a leader

"Karen is an exceptional facilitator. We worked with her to deliver our NLP Master Practitioner programme.  She confidently stepped in mid way and engaged the hearts and minds of our people"

Director, Talent Development, Global Professional Services Company


Are your people the change you want to see?

Employee Confidence looks at Engagement from a whole new level, recognising that the long-term value accrued from human capital within an organisation comes from all employees (not just a chosen few) being positively encouraged to reach their full potential. 

Employee Confidence results in employees that are not just committed, but supremely confident in leading the culture change your organisation needs. 


Do you have a culture change program that is struggling to create real change out on the work sites?

Do you need assurances that your culture change training is leading to results?

What if you could create change leaders on the ground to inspire change through the simple art of clever coaching conversations?

Equip your people to be culture change accelerators, and within a process that is proven to make a difference.


In today’s fast-changing world, your leaders need to be leading the change to stay ahead of the curve.

Your leaders are probably breaking new ground with their technical skills, but how good are their people skills?

Give them the a process and a toolkit to turn informative presentations into persuasive, inspiring and influential communications.

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How to get all your team operating at full Confidence.

Human performance is harder to quantify than company performance, but no less important to companies.  As Einstein said, “Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.” Human performance depends on confidence – our trust in...

3 signs you have a culture of change leaders

Leadership is often considered to be the sole remit of senior managers in an organisation.  Over the last few decades, however, it has become something companies have encouraged from all employees, suggesting that anyone can be a leader, especially when the company...

How to find out what really matters to your employees

To maintain employees’ motivation, and their commitment to their role and the company – what we might term Employee Engagement – we need to know only one thing – what’s important to them.  Of course this one thing may have a number of different sub-elements, but the...